Becoming a professional HGV driver in the UK is gaining a stable life long, and a well-paid career.

There has never been a better time to start learning to drive a lorry, as there is a large demand for LGV Drivers. Due to the high demand salaries are all time high as companies across the nation compete for available Drivers, a new driver can earn more than ever before, even your first job salary will be higher than most other jobs.

We can offer you training on numerous qualification courses and will take you through all you need to know when it comes to driver training. We don’t only train drivers for lorries, we also offer courses for vehicles of different sizes. We offer extensive training courses operating in the Birmingham and Nottingham areas so you can be rest assured you will receive all the support and assistance you require to succeed.

We do everything we can to prepare you for the career that you could have ahead of you as a HGV driver. There is no better time to get started in your aim to have a long and successful career.
Getting your HGV qualification can open up a lot of job opportunities, because not only will you get trained to drive a HGV lorry, you will also be able to get training in a Taxi, Car and also Trailer.

Becoming a Lorry Driver is a very popular career path with people these days due to the high salary and also the longevity of the Job. A lorry driver is a very stable and successful career choice and it will help you along the way when you take our courses and gain the qualifications you need.

1st Link HGV Driver Training Centre, provide HGV training, advice and support you need to get you started as a professional driver. We’ll be there to organise, support and advise you from start to finish.

1st Link HGV Driver Training Centre offer a complete range of driver training and driver CPC qualification courses for a wide variety of vehicles and levels. We can deliver your training needs for:

  • HGV Class Category ( C )
  • LGV Category ( C+E )
  • Car & Trailer Training ( B+E )
  • Forklift
  • Driver CPC
  • Taxi Training
  • Car Training Category ( B )
  • Theory Training

Train direct with 1st link HGV Driver Training Centre and get the best value courses available.

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