B+E Car & Trailer

B+E means “Car or Van, towing a trailer, caravan or horsebox.

The B+E (car and trailer) test was first introduced after changes made to the driving licence laws which came into effect on 1st January 1997. Therefore, if you passed after this date in order to drive a car or van towing a trailer (or caravan or horsebox) with a gross train weight exceeding 3500kgs you are required by law to take B+E test.

The test follows the same vocational test format as an articulated LGV (HGV) test.

The B+E test is conducted in three parts:

  1. S type reverse exercise
  2. Un-couple & couple-up
  3. Road drive

If you already hold the B+E licence category but want to do refresh your memory on how to handle and reverse a trailer correctly or just to gain confidence, we can design a training course to suit the individual’s needs.